Open-source intelligence research is more than a buzz word – it is an investigative mindset, a diverse and powerful set of skills, and it is fun! But do you know you can learn all this and apply them to improve your own research and projects?

Online open sources are, among others, social media, satellite imagery, flight and ship tracking platforms, search engines. These resources are virtually inexhaustible. It is therefore essential to understand the possibilities and limitations of the tools as well as time management. Fortunately I can support you in that!

I am capable in navigating open sources in efficient ways in order to obtain useful information. I am happy to give consultancy and training on this to you and your organisation, adjusted to your needs and field of work.

What I offer:

  • Through training, give people a better grasp on how to efficiently use OSINT resources and strengthen people’s investigative capabilities
  • Set-up, carry out or advise you on OSINT investigations
  • Help you manage and document your (team’s) research project

I have carried out such research assignments for media organisations and NGOs. My expertise is based on a variety of complex yet successful OSINT investigations as well as bootcamps for diverse audiences. I’ve also facilitated and presented multiple workshops at journalism conferences.

Liam Neeson knows how to get himself out of trouble

Check my articles about OSINT for a selection of projects I’ve coordinated or worked on.

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