EUarms: Various OSINT investigations

I have collaborated with international journalists to answer the question: Where do exported European weapons really end up?

JoiningSnapshot of open-source geolocation for Nicaragua arms investigation (Credits: Lighthouse Reports)

Joining the #EUarms project of Dutch investigative bureau Lighthouse Reports I was able to contribute to tracing weapons from EU countries to their final and possibly controversial destination, while being trained in open-source intelligence (OSINT) research skills.

From 2019 until 2020 I have familiarised myself with arms export investigation, social media research and verification of footage and locations (‘gelocation’).

Together with Spanish news media, for example, I tracked Spanish military cargo planes being used in a Turkish military invasion in Syria and geolocated Spanish bullets used in a police shooting at students in Nicaragua.

I have also put together video scripts and collected footage for video explainers that Lighthouse Reports has produced:

You can see my other page about the ground-breaking results from an award-winning #EUarms investigation.

(Credits snapshot: Lighthouse Reports)

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