OSINT research wins journalism award for ‘Best Method’

Great news: in November 2020, one of my investigations that fully depended on open-source intelligence has won an investigative journalism award for ‘Best Methods’.

The award, which was presented today to journalists in Denmark by the Danish Association for Investigation Journalism (FUJ), is a great recognition of the importance of strong OSINT methodology and techniques in modern journalism.

In early 2020 I coordinated the investigation by a team of Danish journalists who participated in #EUarms, a project of the investigative bureau Lighthouse Reports. Together with EUarms Open Source investigators we trained the Danish journalists in OSINT research in just one week. Analysing arms exports, satellite pictures, social media videos and use social media to find employees of arms manufacturers.

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(Photo: An Emirati AT-802i in Libya – Arnaud Delalande)

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